Best 2017 TV Reviews and Comparison

When it comes to buying a brand new TV, there are many factors that go into that final decision. There are several top brands out there that claim to offer the best options in home entertainment. And once you determine which brand you want to go with, you have to think about the size, the price range, and all the added features that will make your new television worth every penny.

No one wants to invest a lot of money into a TV that doesn’t deliver the amazing picture and sound that they had hoped for. That is why this site exists. Here you can find detailed reviews on all the latest models, compare features, and find out from other customers which TV will provide you with the best quality picture and sound for your money. You can look up reviews based on three factors, screen size, brand and price range.

Latest TV Reviews

Samsung Q7C Review

Samsung Q7C Series

55″ – 65″

Samsung Q8C Review

Samsung Q8C Series

55″ – 75″

Samsung MU8000 Review

Samsung MU8000 Series

49″ – 82″

Find your TV BY SIZE

This section will allow you to navigate the site and determine which TV you want to buy based on the screen size. This is usually the easiest part of buying process since most people know up front if they want a small TV to place in the kitchen or bedroom, or a large big screen television for the family room or den. If you are unsure, think about where you want to place the TV and what it will be used for (general TV watching, movies, or gaming). Once you come up with a size, you will receive recommendations on the best TV options for the size you have in mind based on top brands, ratings and reviews for that specific category.

Find your TV BY BRAND

In this section, you have the option to choose the TV that you want to buy based on the brand name. Most of us are familiar with top brands such as Sony and Samsung, but if you haven’t purchased a new TV set within the past several years, you may not be as familiar with today’s quality HDTV or 4K brands. We will help you make a well-informed decision by allowing you to read up on reviews by brand so that you can learn more about the pros and cons according to current customers. This will help you to determine which brand of TV will be able to live up to your entertainment expectations.

Find your TV BY PRICE

This section is designed to help you make a decision on your next big TV purchased based on price. As with most electronics, buying the most expensive model does not always equal the highest quality model. The same goes with affordable options. There are many quality HD TVs out there available at a price for any budget plan. If you have already determined the price range that you hope to stay in when buying a new TV, this section will help you narrow down your choices to guarantee that you will purchase the best TV for your money. With help from customer reviews and recent ratings, you can find out which TV is best whether you want to spend under $300 or more than $2500.

Once you have decided which size, brand and price range works best for you, we will provide you with the top choice in TVs based on your preferences. You will also be provided with helpful ratings that will show you which features are best on each specific TV. At a glance customers can learn if a TV is best for playing video games, daily use, and how they rank when it comes to extra features.

Top Choice
Samsung Q7F Review

Samsung Q7F Series

55″ – 75″

9.2Dark Room
9.4Average Room
8.9Bright Room
8.9Video Games
9.5Daily Use
8.9Extra Features